gChain™ beta is part of the N.A.I.C.P protocol that brings municipal, government, and state locals onto a baseline blockchain fabric that is part of the pressing needs that are a part of the BYLT system. gChain™ creates a digital twin of topography and or subsurface assets and geotechnical with geographical plots and boundaries. These plots are turned into NFT’s, a chain, and connected nodes linked to other api’s, or smartcontracts for permitting, zoning, inspections, and models. A traceable and organized central property, model, bonding and permitting database for the property owner, agency, design team, consultants, auditors or municipality. By linking a public record connects data consistently and directly allowing for workflows of the future, eliminating risk, overheads and overall costs and speed of development. The process can allow for multilevel layer maps for sandboxes and modeling, public or not public, encrypted access.


In addition, the system allows for economic connections and actions being recorded and tracked resulting in real time economic data and forecasts for leaders. The project promotes faster closings, lower operating costs and easier fundraising for developments and improvements, budgets and financial disbursements and collections.