Your Digital Passport To A New Way To Work

BYLT: PASSPORT™ creates a digital twin profile that also allows collaboration holistically across digital environments, geospatial models, platforms, marketplaces, events and actions while giving its users, assets and products safety, control, ownership, entitlement, and data management.
Get projects, sell products, manage a company, get bids or get a new job.
Passport travels with you on your journeys.

NAICP™ enrollment is complimentary with your BYLT: user registration.
NAICP™ enrollment gives members:
-Voting rights on data, data management and promotion, deletion right and public data choice.
-Data Revenue Sharing & Voting
-Dispute resolution & mediation
-Navigation through blockchain, social tokens, NFT’s, & Smart Contracts including resolutions where applicable
-Benefits such as instant risk free payment, insurance, coop and perks
-Protection of the users and products for which interact in the BYLT social BIM & Digital Twin environments.
-Cross Platform Analytics, Service & Marketing

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